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Why Take A Lesson

Here's the thing. A lesson isn't necessary to stand up paddle board. So why are we teaching lessons? Here are 3 reasons why you should join us on the water!

Water Safety

We want to make sure that you know how to be safe on the water. We go over water conditions, safety on the water, and that you actually do need to wear that PFD.

We Go Over All The Gear

How to properly set up paddle boards, how to carry them, why and how we wear a leash. These are the little things that get overlooked, but these basic gear tutorials can help get you on the water faster and will help you stay safe.


Once you learn the right technique and how to use your body and muscles efficiently for paddling, you become more confident, more efficient, and more likely to avoid injuries.

Overall, paddle boarding has a small learning curve. But knowing proper technique from the start can help speed up that learning curve even faster and get you out paddling for hours in no time!

Our lessons are different - we help build your safety awareness to avoid injuries, we help build your confidence on the water, but most importantly is that we build a community to help promote the sport and to help get more people on the water.

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