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Paddle Board Camping

Don't just think that overnight camping needs to be left for canoes. With the right board, turn your paddling into an overnight camping trip. It's easy if you plan accordingly and only pack the essentials. Here are some quick tips if you are wanting to plan an overnight trip on your paddle board.

1) Research the Area

This is the most important. Know what you are getting yourself into, especially if

you've never been to the area. You might even want to consider first checking out

the area or asking friends for beta if they've been there. Having a back up plan

is always great; especially if all the spots have been taken. Remember, your board

will be full of gear so paddling could take a little longer so always get as much i

information about the area you're going into.

2) Board Weight

Make sure that your board won't sink when you start paddling! Do make sure that

your board can handle all the weight. When you are ready to start loading your

board, make sure to level it out by tying gear to the front and back.

3) Pack Essentials

This might seem like a no brainer, but keep what you need to a minimum. Don't

overload your board as your trip could take longer than expected or if conditions

change on the water, less is more when you're out paddling.

4) Leave No Trace Principle

When out in the wilderness, it's especially important to always take out what you

brought in. When packing, try not to bring in items that will cause waste (considering

using silicone bags instead of plastic bags). Minimize your impact outside.

Protip: Bring a garbage bag to help clean up any trash you may find left from others.

5) Know your limits

Choose a route within your paddling ability. If you've never paddled more than 10km

in one day, consider not over exerting yourself, considering you will also have extra

gear with you.

If you feel unsafe, know when to stop. You might be a strong paddler, but if the

winds pick up, know when to turn around.

If you have any questions on how to get started or looking for more tips/help, send us an email and we can help with any trip questions

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