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How To Paddle Board With Your Dog

What's better than paddle boarding with your dog?

If you're looking at training your dog to be comfortable on a paddle board, we've put some tips together to help you get started!

The Right Board

The board will make all the difference! We recommend looking for boards at least 32" wide and at least 10 feet long. This will help to increase stability for you and your pup.

You'll also need to ensure that your board can hold the weight of both you and your dog. When purchasing, always check the weight to ensure it can hold more than your own weight.

Inflatables are a great option if you're planning on taking your dog with you. They have better overall grip for your dog and higher durability for their claws.

Dog Life Vest

A doggy life jacket makes jumping in the water to cool off at lot easier for your pup! But it always helps when getting your dog back on the board!


Depending on the size of your pooch and where they sit, you'll need to help to offset the balance on the board.

Ensure that you're also comfortable on the board and can move around to help balance the weight.

Start Slow

Go slow and introduce your dog to the paddle board on land. get them comfortable sitting and standing on it before you launch in the water. Once you're ready for the water, start in shallow water and ease into it. Once you've spent some time ensuring your dog is comfortable and trusts you, start heading out for short paddles.

Having lots of treats and patience will go a long ways to being successful to get your pup paddling with you!

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