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Brokenhead River

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

Put in: Rattary bridge 82N

Take out: hwy 317 at Dencross

Total Km: just short of 14km

If you're looking for an easy paddle down a river, this section of the Brokenhead River is definitely worth checking out. Not far from Winnipeg, there are lots of drop in/drop out points. Though recommended to paddle in May/June as the water level drops in summer, some years you get lucky and get the chance to paddle it all summer.

After asking some friends and reading some local guides, we decided to put in Rattary Bridge on 82 N Rattary rd. Though the access down to the water was a bit difficult (due to fence lines on one side of the bridge) we made our way down to the water and loaded up our gear. We recommend wearing shoes or strap on sandals as the bushes were quite high and you have to walk into the water as there is debris blocking the shore.

This section of the river bends and twists as it slowly takes you down the stream with very little current. There were no rapids. Though there were some areas that are shallow, we never got stuck or had to portage any areas.

This was a very serene section of the river so expect to see lots of wildlife! There was also quite a bit of debris in the water, so you have to watch for deadheads.

We'd recommend packing enough water and a few snacks and can expect to be on the water for roughly 2.5 hours.

If you're looking for more information on where and when to paddle the Brokenhead River, we highly recommend picking up a copy of Through Field and Forest: A Canoe Companion For The Brokenhead River by Dusty Molinski

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